Server Rules and Stats

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Server Rules and Stats

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:11 pm

Welcome to a new, 24/7 The Island Server!!
If you are looking for a great and fun server then this is the server for you. This server is setup to be a boosted version of the official servers. All admins including myself are active daily on the server to monitor and address abuse. If the community grows as we hope will we create a website and forum as well another server if needed. This server is currently running on highspeed internet and a brand-new Xbox One S purchased for this purpose alone.
Server Stats
Exp =  2x
Harvest = 5x
Tame =  5x
Difficulty = .5
Stats Per Level will be raised by 1.5x in Stamina and Weight. 1.25x in Health and Damage.
Joining The Server:
Add Gamer Tag – SurviveTheArk21
I will be monitoring all messages and invites all day remotely from the server to answer any questions you may have.
• Only one Flyer can be used in raiding.
• No taming Gigas
• No PvP at event locations which will be held frequently. (Follow those rules at the time)
• No PvP at Trading Post
• No Building on Volcano or blocking caves.
• DO Not build traps at spawn locations. (Instant Ban No Warnings!)
Non-Enforced but Frowned On:
• Give people a chance by not constantly killing them over and over. Give them a few hours to recover.
• Do not completely wipe out a base. Get in take what you need don’t destroy everything.
Trading Post:
We will be building a trading zone soon that will be NON-PVP enforced location for tribes to trade gear and items as they please. This map with these locations will be posted in due time.
Rewards for events will vary. This could be a full set of rank 10 Flak rifles supplies or even Tek depending on the events and progress of the server.


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